Hello Girls!

BYDANIE and our fav it girls have been in a great and fun trip in Rome during the #glamourhealthchallenge . Do you want to see them?

They spent fabulous moments together visiting the city, doing some sport, touring around the city in Vespas, and enjoying themselves. 

The girls were all wearing our AW 2017 Toral shoes and fantastic trendy outfits.

Thank you all of them for spent a amazing journey with us:

Claartje Rose @claartjeroseAnna Nooshin @annanooshinNicole Huisman @nicole_huismanQueen of Jetlags @queenofjetlagsJolielot I Marlot Willems @jolielotLizzy vd Ligt @lizzyvdligtFrom hats to heels @larissabruinRianne Meijer @rianne.meijerBo Maerten @bomaertenBillieroseblog @billieroseblogLotte Visser @lottevisserCharlie vd Ligt @charlievdligt, Kae Sutherland @kaesutherland, Simone Frank @simone_frank, Babette Grunder @babettegrunder, Chloé Leenheer @chloechante, Jessy Houtman @jessyhoutman, Lienke @deargoodmorning, Melody Lieftink @melodylieftink, Nina Pierson @ninapierson, Nicole Huisman @nicole_huisman, Rens Kroes @renskroes, Simone @amayzine, Anke de Jong @ankeglamournl, Claire Rose Cliteur @claartjerose, Anna Nooshin @annanooshin and Danie Bles @bydanienl.

Love it! xxxx 
Toral Team